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  • The goal of this program is simple: To get massive amounts of experience under your belt, and to have you good with women within two days.

    Clients walk in on the first day with whatever skill level they have (novice or advanced, it doesn’t matter), and walk out on the second day with tremendous gains.

    Why am I able to get you these powerful outcomes so quickly?

    1. You will be taken to the streets, cafes and highstreet shops and have one of the top daygamers in the world demonstrate how to meet women in front of you.
    2. I act as your personal wingman and we meet women together.
    3. I get you doing it step-by-step (what to say, the right body language, how to create sexual tension, everything…)
    4. I work with you and give you the kind of potent and crucial feedback that you need to get this area mastered until you’ve got it sorted out
    5. Unlike other companies I don’t take out large groups on my bootcamps, all of my bootcamps are 1 on 1, giving you maximum results in a short space of time


$3505 hour Bootcamp
  • 2 day Skype coaching
  • Assisted approaches


$11003 day Bootcamp
  • 7 day Skype coaching
  • Accommodation provided


  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in doing a bootcamp and would like to know some more. (how much will it cost and what exactly goes on)


  2. I’m homosexual, is the pick up advice you provide still useful for me as a gay man?

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