Hello my Black Sheep.

It’s important for you as a man to take care of your finances. Never ever rely on your friends or family for help, there is a thing in life called being responsible and it’s about time you start taking up an ounce responsibility when it comes to your finances.
A lot of individuals will argue the importance of financial stability in this modern day age with Couchsurfing and peer to peer lending at an all time high zeitgeist’s are sure that they do not need money to survive. What these semi-intelligent folks are yet to realise is that without finances or resources their life will be no less than awful. They loose their pride by begging and ultimately when things don’t end up going to plan undergo a minor change in personality and of course this is detrimental to mental health. So I guess the question remains what exactly can we do to ensure that we are always financially stable. The simple answer is to spend less and do more.

After the day is up write down everything you have spent (including any loose change you gave to the homeless).
This is beneficial as you will begin to see positive or negative patterns in your spending. Yes I know this takes time and I’m sure NatWest has a fancy mobile application to help you keep track of your awful spending habits, however I am a firm believer in privacy and so should you be. So my friend keep all your receipts you can take photos if you are feeling minimalistic. If you have nosey people you share a house with keep a high tech shredder nearby, but whatever you do always make sure you are accountable for everything you spend.